Welcome to The Bystender! 

The name Bystander was inspired by the title of Peter Druckers autobiographical collection of stories and vignettes  “The Adventures of a Bystander”.

Peter Drucker’s books and teaching have made a significant contribution to my own thinking and beliefs during my early days of professional life. Especially those around managing knowledge workers and managing oneself. One of his quotes “The best way to predict future is to create it” became my favourite. 

The next inspiration comes from my study of philosophy and spirituality. I was influenced by the eternal philosophical question “Who am I?”.

Some of the eastern philosophical schools answer this question by a series of deductions. If you ask the question “Who am I?” to yourself, you can derive that you are not your body, you are not your mind, you are not even your thoughts. You ‘have’ all these, you are the witness for your body, mind and thoughts. You are the observer. You are the Bystander.

This is the small excerpt from Peter Drucker’s book …

“Bystanders have no history of their own. They are on the stage but are not part of the action. They are not even an audience. The fortunes of the play and every actor in it depend on the audience whereas the reaction of the bystander has no effect except on himself/herself. But standing in the wings – much like a fireman in the theatre – The bystander sees things neither actor nor audience notices. Above all, he/she sees differently from the way actors or audience notices. Bystanders reflect – and reflection is a prism rather than a mirror; it refracts. …”




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